Legacy Creek Ranch – Tract 60

Valley County, ID

642.4 Acres · $4,750,000


  • Borders Public Lands
  • 1.5 ± miles of Clear Creek
  • Ease of Access


Property Details

This stunning property for sale spans an impressive 642.4 acres in Valley County Idaho, offering a picturesque setting that epitomizes the beauty of nature. Nestled in a lush, forested area, the property features Clear Creek, a serene waterway that meanders through the landscape, providing a tranquil soundscape and a charming focal point.


Clear Creek flows through the property for approximately 1.5 miles and is flanked by verdant grass and majestic evergreen trees, creating an idyllic environment perfect for relaxation and outdoor activities. The presence of a Clear Creek Road running alongside the creek ensures easy access while maintaining the rustic charm of the location.


The views from atop this property show the full expanse of what this tract offers, highlighting the dense forest that surrounds Clear Creek and the gently rolling hills. The property features an impressive elevation change of 880 feet, adding to the dynamic and diverse terrain. This variation in elevation enhances the beauty and offers stunning vistas from different points on the property.


Stand along Clear Creek and get a feel of what it has to offer, from calm, shallow areas to sections with gentle rapids flowing over rocky beds. This diversity in the landscape adds to the property’s appeal. Just sit next to the creek and simply enjoy the peaceful ambiance.


Additionally, the property boasts open meadows with lush green grass, providing perfect spots for picnics, camping, or potential building sites for a secluded cabin or home. The mix of open space and forested areas offers a balanced environment that is both private and inviting.


Moreover, this property borders IDL public lands, ensuring additional privacy and access to even more pristine wilderness. This proximity to public lands further enhances the recreational opportunities available, from hiking and hunting to exploring the expansive natural surroundings.


In summary, this 642.4-acre property in Idaho is a haven for those seeking a retreat in nature. With Clear Creek, verdant forests, an elevation change of 880 feet, and an accessible yet secluded location that borders IDL public lands, it’s an ideal spot for creating lasting memories amidst the serene backdrop of the natural world.

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Disclaimer: Owner makes full disclosure that they share common ownership with an Idaho licensed real estate entity.

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State: Idaho | County: Valley County, ID

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